hi hi! you can call me lyz and i am so happy you’re here visiting my website, please, stay awhile and look around. my page has much to explore, read and sometimes watch (hello new part-time vlogger here).


i’m a bubbly, adventurous woman in her 30s with a zest for life, love, and self-care. i’d call myself a wanderer, as i’m never content being still in one place. i want to do and see everything, although my wallet disagrees on occasion. 

i hope my blog will be a place where i can find solitude mixed with mingling, advocating mixed with compassion, funny moments alongside bellyache laughing, and a place where i share the things that are on my mind and in my heart. my life has been filled with some very deep moments, and that’s the way i tend to write and share – with raw words and emotions. 

a few of my obsessions are lipstick - i love trying new bold colors, the ocean, bacon, movies - especially thrillers and everything marvel, candles – (i own more than i should ever admit to!), and traveling. i dislike mushrooms, cold weather – i have never liked snow even having grown up in the midwest, waking up early and odd numbers.

the things that inspire me the most are the places and the people around the world, including myself. i am an overcomer, fighting fiercely to make this world a better place. i believe there are no insignificant acts of kindness. i truly believe “the little things” are what make up the big things. 

i’ll leave you with my favorite quote:

“being tender and open is beautiful. as a woman, i feel continually shhh’ed. too sensitive. too mushy. too wishy washy. blah blah. don’t let someone steal your tenderness. don’t allow the coldness and fear of others to tarnish your perfectly vulnerable beating heart. nothing is more powerful than allowing yourself to be affected by things. whether it’s a song, a stranger, a mountain, a rain drop, a tea kettle, an article, a sentence, a footstep, feel it all – look around you. all of this is for you. take it and have gratitude. give it and feel love. – zooey deschanel.