2:04pm - belize time

so we are currently on our boat ride back to land. we came to lamanai city to go to the mayan ruins today. WHAT. AN. ADVENTURE.

let me just say this, i am SO proud of myself (& my babe) for pushing ourselves WAY outside of our comfort zones & fears during this trip. i am amazed at the freedom i allowed myself to have to experience so many new things. 

yesterday we had a 90 minute ride to go cave tubing, but once we arrived we decided to join in with our new friends (caitlyn & todd) and go ziplining through the rain forest! IT WAS INCREDIBLE. i do NOT like heights, but i was dang near fearless after our practice line! 

the views from the ropes were just.. i don’t even have a word! the water below was so green & blue! all of the palms that were more feet than i ever realized they could grow. 

cave tubing was so fun & educational! and don’t let me leave out the fact that i walked far carrying my intertube - we hiked an extra 10 minutes to be able to tube through 2 caves instead of the normal 1 that most get to. which also led to me peeing in the jungle.. shrugs. babe cliff dived after our hike with caitlyn & todd. i climbed onto the cliff.. then climbed back down. i conquered ziplining & my head said no more girl, haha. no but really, i am so proud i am experiencing all of these things while pushing myself, while also knowing when it’s okay to say “thank u next.” lol.

today we just saw the ruins, and my are they beautiful & TALL. but we conquered them like beasts! i can still hardly believe i took our leader’s hand & let him guide me to the highest top of pre-classic ruins! the view overlooking the lagoon & trees.. WOW. 

it almost seems silly to me to try & blog about this trip because nothing i jot down will do it justice, not even halfway. 

our tour guides have been so fun, hilarious, informative & amazing people in general. i am so grateful to have met strangers turned acquaintances & hope i get to see their familiar faces again in this lifetime, sooner than later if i get my way.

on the way to the ruins by boat we stopped several times to view crocs, many different kinds of birds - if you know me very well, you know i’m terrified of birds.. welp, not anymore! from fear to fascination! woo hoo!, and we saw some really neat greenery - including the coolest to me - the snake cactus! [look it up!] 

i am trying so hard not to think of going back home to the states. if i could stay here for a long long time, i would in a heartbeat. this trip has been so much of what my heart + mind have needed, without even knowing it. i am already yearning for what’s next. what else will set me on fire this year? i hope these feelings last a lifetime, i have a great sense that they will. 

belize, you are bonita! thank you for everything. 



p.s. today - march 14th, i am still so sad to be so far away from belize. it truly touched my life in so many amazing ways.